custom tattooing

I provide a custom tattoo service at…

North Of Winter

Weir Mill, Manchester Road

Manchester Mossley



The best way to book in or start a conversation about your next tattoo is to send an email to and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can. Usually in 24 hours.


£100 non refundable deposit required to secure your place which comes off the tattoo price on the day.

Please give me at least three weeks notice if you want to reschedule your appointment. 

The deposit is only to secure your slot, it’s not for any design work. I’m doing designs in my free time and I will always have it ready for the session.

I’m happy to do any tattoo designs and styles but I’m mostly interested in colour realism. I’m studying these type of designs daily and am most comfortable with them. 
If you have any questions about designs just send me an email to

The design work is in the tattoo price.
I’ll prepare your design for the session. I’m not sending my designs online. 

Please only turn up to your session if you are well, hydrated and have had a good breakfast. We have got coffee, tea fresh water in the studio but the next shop for food is around 10-15 minutes drive away.   It’s always good to have some sugary snacks and drink with you. 

When we are finished for the day, I’ll clean and wrap up the tattoo in cling film. After a few hours you can lose the cling film and please make sure to wash your tattoo with warm water and perfume free soap (antibacterial soap is the best), then tap it dry with a paper towel. I advise to wrap it in cling film for the first night as it will bleed during the night. From the next day after a careful wash you can apply creams.
We are selling aftercare products in the shop or you can get your own.
Remember to keep it clean at all time!

Full Day

£ 500

1 Hour

£ 80

half day

£ 250

The price of a tattoo may be different on some occasions but there is always a discussion beforehand.

Guest Spots

Sometimes I travel to other cities and countries for guest spots. I’ll provide a list here of where and when as they get booked.
Watch this space!

There isn`t any guest spot booked at the moment.


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